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Air Conditioning Inspections to CIBSE TM44: 2012

The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007 places a statutory obligation on any person who controls the operation of air conditioning systems/units to ensure that the system is inspected by an accredited inspector by the relevant inspection date.

The first inspections of all existing systems are due:-

4th. January 2009 - Buildings that have systems with an effective total rated
output of over 250kW
4th. January 2011 - Buildings that have systems with an effective total rated
output of over 12kW
New air conditioning systems over 12kW, and installed after January 2008 must be inspected within 5 years of being commissioned.

The Aim
The primary aim of the inspection is to reduce the carbon emissions from your air conditioning systems, whilst at the same time reducing their operating costs.

The Process
A document checklist would be provided to the client prior to the inspection. This contains a
request for readily available information such as building plans, equipment schedules, system schematics, controls descriptions, records of maintenance plans and reports, commissioning figures, etc. This information enables the assessor to quickly understand the systems being inspected, however if the information is not available, this information can be gathered during the site visit.

Requirements on the day of the inspection (Desirable but not essential)
The site engineer should, if possible, be available for providing the necessary access to items of plant.
An engineer should be available, if possible, for interrogation of the controls, ie BMS or other.
Where it has been identified that plant is required to be shut down for inspection, ie. internal inspection of air handling units or fan coil units, the site engineer is to arrange for this activity to be undertaken. If this is to be undertaken outside of normal working hours the site engineer should advise the assessor of this prior to the inspection visit.

Your Report
Following the site inspection visit, your report will be compiled into the standard format and will be lodged with the Landmark Register. An electronic copy of both the Certificate and Report will be sent to you.
You can expect to receive your documents within 7 working days of the site inspection.

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